Talent Week is an annual half-term event that celebrates young people’s talent and aspirations.

Talent Week is an event designed for shopping centres to engage with young people in their community.

As the talent gap in the UK increases and businesses demand more skills, it is becoming more important for us to motivate and encourage young people to aspire to want more out of life and see the many career opportunities available to them.

There are three elements to Talent Week:

1)  School engagement

2)  Talent Wall

3)  Talent Week event

Shopping centres can opt to do one, two or all of the above, depending on their objectives, resources and budget.

This website has been designed to inform and inspire you to embrace Talent Week.  There are case studies, creative templates and helpful hints for you to make the most of your Talent Week.

 ‘Shopping centres are the hub of our communities and Talent Week is a great opportunity to connect with our young people. We all have talent but, it’s finding a way to unlock that talent and inspire young people to explore their options and find the right path to a career. These young people are our customers of the future.’

Michael Green, Chief Executive of BCSC 


Talent Week News

2009 Pilot Video

Watch the 2009 Pilot Video here...
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Shopping centres and case studies

To learn more about shopping centres who had Talent Weeks in 2010 as well as case studies on what they did, how they did it and who they did it with, please follow the link....
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